Please review our terms, conditions and exclusions prior to ordering for all supplied ductless air conditioning and heat pump equipment, parts and accessories without installation by Inc. also known as DUCTLESS DEPOT.

All supplied equipment is as per agreed contract, webpage and/or estimate. If no estimate or contract is available, then as per written/verbal agreement.
All equipment is guaranteed to be new, in-box, unless explicitly stated and agreed by both parties.
Parts and compressor warranties are as per DUCTLESS DEPOT warranty policy.
The purchaser agrees to install the equipment as per the manufacturer's recommendations and as per local/national codes and using licensed air conditioning tradesmen even in provinces/territories where licensing is not required.
DUCTLESS DEPOT will not be held liable for any damages to the project property caused by the supplied equipment.
DUCTLESS DEPOT will not be responsible for any damages to the equipment after delivery or any damages caused to the equipment during installation when not installed by DUCTLESS DEPOT.
Your general contractor is responsible for any and all required as-built and/or revisions to the drawings for substituted equipment.
Operating and maintenance manuals are provided with the supplied equipment upon request.
No installation inspections, technical support, project closeout submittals, commissioning, equipment, or balancing will be provided by DUCTLESS DEPOT.
No factory test reports, certification letters or inspection reports will be provided with the supplied equipment, unless the aforementioned reports are available and requested.
DUCTLESS DEPOT will not provide a manufactures on-site start-up, commissioning report, demonstration or training session.
Payments will be made as per agreed settlements.

DUCTLESS DEPOT reserves the right to modify, add and/or exclude the above terms and conditions at any time without advanced notice.

Kindly contact us for any additional questions.