All systems purchased online through DUCTLESS DEPOT carry a Canadian serial number and carry a warranty comparable to the manufacturer's standard limited Canadian warranty through DUCTLESS DEPOT if the following conditions are met;

  • The system is installed in accordance to the included installation manual,
  • A licensed air conditioning technician installs the system,†
  • The installing technician's licensing credentials is forwarded to us immediately post installation, and
  • All warranties are subject to the manufacturer's terms and conditions.
  • Please note: Local building codes take precedence over the installation manual.

Systems installed do-it-yourself by homeowners or when using a non-licensed technician carry no warranty whatsoever. All warranties are non-transferable and remain in effect as long as the original end user remains at the property where the equipment is installed. All system warranties start on the day they leave our warehouse for shipment to the end user and NOT on the day they are installed.


No labour warranty is provided through DUCTLESS DEPOT with any of our systems, parts or accessories purchased online. A labour warranty might be provided by your installer.


The following steps should be taken to submit your system for warranty registration with us;

  • Kindly ensure that your local licensed technician has correctly installed the complete system,
  • Send an email to with the subject line: WARRANTY REGISTRATION [product name] [your first and last name] [original invoice #],
  • State the date of purchase, the systems EXACT model number, and installation address,
  • Attached a scan of the licensed HVAC technicians valid (non-expired) certificate,
  • We will reply with a confirmation and warranty expiration dates.
Do not register your warranty with the manufacturer either online or through the mail via the card that came with the system. DUCTLESS DEPOT will handle all warranty claims internally.


    The following steps should be taken in order to start a warranty claim with us for systems and products purchased through DUCTLESS DEPOT.

    • Kindly ensure that your local licensed technician has correctly troubleshooted the problem,
    • Send an email to with the subject line: WARRANTY CLAIM [product name] [your first and last name] [original invoice #],
    • State your original order/invoice number, date of purchase, the systems EXACT model number, and installation address,
    • Clearly describe the issue and state part that requires replacement, including the EXACT part number,
    • A member of our team will contact you to confirm any details after receiving your email within 2 business days,
    • We will ship the replacement part (free of charge) to the address of your choice (a delivery signature will be required) complete with a return mailing label,
    • Have your new replacement part installed by a licensed technician.
    • Kindly ship the original part back to us in the same box and packing material provided, informing us when it has shipped,
    • Please note that if you do not return the original part, than you will be charged for the part and its associated shipping costs.


    All systems on DUCTLESS DEPOT are rigorously tested in the factory after manufacturing. As such, units which do not function after installation will follow the standard warranty policy aforementioned. Units damaged during shipping should follow our standard damaged shipping policy.


    The limited warranty for ductless air conditioners and heat pumps installed in residential and commercial applications is two (2) years for parts and five (5) years for the compressor. Limitations are equal to the manufacturer's warranty certificate included with the product.


    All parts and accessories carry the manufacturers warranties unless otherwise stated. Parts such as thermostats, remotes and air conditioning components like branch boxes carry the equivalent to the manufacturer's warranty.

    † This includes provinces or territories in which holding a licence is not mandatory.